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About The Author

What’s it like to discover as a young child that you had been adopted and, at the same time, to learn that your mother did not want you to discuss it or to ask questions about your birthmother? Because of this intimidating attitude, Dorothy Morrow waited to search for her roots until she was 50 years old and her adoptive mother had died.

What she found was a charming 70-year-old, divorced birthmother living alone in senior housing and overjoyed to be found.

Dorothy Morrow

By then Dorothy was married, had given birth to two sons and had adopted a beautiful daughter, Briana, when she was eleven days old. Years later, when Briana was studying for her final BSN exams and preparing for her wedding, Dorothy decided to search for her birthmother as well. This quest, too, was successful.

The joy of these two reunions, the struggle to build new relationships and the loving, long-term bonds of the resulting extended families formed the motivation for writing The Gift of Roots.

Dorothy Morrow currently lives in Seattle, Washington, only 120 miles from the home of her daughter’s birthmother, whom she considers her best friend. She hopes you will enjoy reading these nine heartwarming reunion stories and the important chapter of advice. You are invited to share your stories with the author by contacting her through the Feedback link below. She promises to reply.